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Ann Booth Luly


Ann Booth Luly is a multi-faceted talent who taught herself how to sew at age 6. She began designing clothes for her family and over twenty years’ ago Ann opened "Hoity Toity" a boutique in Studio City that features her custom-made clothing, bags and functional art. You can see her work at

Ann was one of the first women Teamsters in Local 399, in the Motion Picture Industry. She drove diesel rigs and motorhomes for many celebrities on TV & film productions. Ann went on to produce several movies, TV shows and is currently in the process of pitching a television series.

Ann met her business partner Lisa Long 30 years ago on the set of a Pointer Sister video. Lisa, a prolific actress as well as being a restaurateur was cast in the music video with Bobcat Goldthwait, Ann’s former spouse.

Recently Ann has branched out to restaurant design. Her French-inspired eye for design, concern for the environment, and ability to repurpose unique items, sets the stage for the extraordinary ambiance of Montresor.